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Five axis optical test system (TEG)
Five axis optical test system (TEG)
Five axis optical test system (TEG)
Five axis optical test system (TEG)

Five axis optical test system (TEG)

Retail price

① OLED small size optical TEG chip test system, less than 3inch
② Automatic five axis motion control
③ Automatic alignment
④ Multifunctional fixture
⑤ Multi instrument carrying
⑥ Support for finished product TEG chip test
⑦ With current and voltage monitoring
⑧ High and low temperature test module


Project Specifications
Size Length * width * height: 1.90m * 1.70m * 2.20M
Test sample size 0.39inch~3inch(TEG)
Spectrograph CS-2000A/SR-UL2/PR788/SR3
Motor system High precision servo motor, high precision ball screw, rotation angle+/-90°。
Function The optical characteristics of high and low temperature are measured, spectrum, peak, half height and width, brightness, chroma, contrast, uniformity, voltage, current, current density, efficiency, color temperature, color rendering index, crosstalk, gamma nbsp; Curve, chroma, brightness, contrast, IVL, etc
Signal It supports special instrument made models and market general brand signal machines, supports customized signal, and signal format: TTL / LVDS / Mipi / HDMI / EDP / 2K&4K&8K, etc
Power Supply Support high precision multi-channel DC power output, as well as customized power demand.
Software The software developed by Teyi is all Chinese version, C # programming modularization, easy to operate, UI interface can be customized according to customer needs, the software comes with various standard test methods, and can be tested through direct call mode.

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